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Thanks very much for the proof reading. You did a really impressive job and obviously have a real flair for it.

“Rachel proofread my PhD thesis, which was based on a clinical / translational asthma study. She was extremely thorough and had a very good understanding of scientific as well as clinical text. Rachel is extremely organised and always sticks to the timelines. She is very well learned and her command of English (spoken and written) is extraordinary. This, combined with her breadth of clinical/scientific knowledge, is what makes her stand out from the rest in the proofreading world.

I can't recommend her enough!” SN

“We have used Charnwood Academic Proofreading for our marketing material to ensure we have made no spelling or grammatical mistakes. Rachel provides an excellent, thorough and professional service allowing us to make sure all written material is of the highest standard.” RC (business owner)

"Appreciated that the presenter had expert knowledge in the area."

“Rachel proofread my final year dissertation. The difference in quality following the corrections recommended by Rachel was outstanding. The final copy was more concise, free from errors which I had overlooked countless times and far more pleasing to read. She had a complete comprehension of the subject content, which ranged from ecological conservation to human and plant biology, and when some technical explanations were required, offered suggestions that were far more precise than my own.” LB (BSc essay)

"I highly recommend Rachel for any proofreading requirements that you may have. I had a recent document I needed checking and Rachel looked over it for me really quickly. Helped me so much. I have absolute confidence in her work and wouldn’t hesitate to use her services again.” BL

"A very relaxed atmosphere and approach that encouraged open discussion."

I thought I inform you that I have passed my PhD (without corrections) with distinction. Your help with proofreading was timely, efficient, exceedingly accurate and above all a game changer. I am thankful to you for your help. HM

“Rachel proofread our website. She quickly came back to us with advice about typos, repetition and parts that just didn’t make proper sense. It really helped having someone objective looking through it.” AC (business owner)

“Rachel’s proofreading service is excellent. She helped me with some technical writing and completed the work really quickly. The writing was sent to highly qualified reviewers who expressed a high level of satisfaction. She is very knowledgeable. Also a very nice person to work with." SS

Rachel proofread and suggested alterations to our website. The result has certainly tidied up and aided the way the text scans making for an improved experience for our customers. Very happy to recommend her services.


Dr McLaren is an exceptional proofreader. She has an amazing eye for detail, as well as a fine grasp of the complex rules of English grammar. She offers helpful suggestions for ways to makes sentences clearer, has a ready supply of apposite vocabulary and her encyclopaedic general knowledge is a terrific bonus. In my last manuscript, she frequently saved my bacon by picking me up on things I thought I knew but didn't -- from how to fly a helicopter, to the number of Great Pyramids in Giza. I would sincerely recommend Dr McLaren.

I used Rachel to proof read my application for a job I was successful in. I think that speaks wonders for the service provided. Absolutely amazing service and would highly recommend. Very fast and efficient service with explanations to changes so you understood why the changes was being made and how it made the application much stronger. I was on a limited word count so I had to make every word count and Rachel helped me achieve that. Amazing service. 100% highly recommend.

Rachel was brilliant at helping me with my CV. Her extensive experience means that she knows how to adapt and customize CVs for different audiences and different types of job applications. Her knowledge of the English language and grammar means that she can choose the right verbs to make your CV stand out from the rest. Personal and professional, Rachel spends the time getting to know you and work with you to help present the best of yourself. 

Thank you! I really like the changes that you've made, you've been very helpful. :) I don't think I'll need any further checks, this is perfect. (CV and cover letter)

Fabulous! Thank you so much, I'll definitely make those improvements. (short story author)

"When launching our new website it was reassuring to ask Rachel to proof read our text. I knew from experience that Rachel is someone I can rely on."  

"The letter flows much better after your proofreading!"

I am thankful to Dr Rachel McLaren for her help with proof reading.

Without her meticulous attention, this thesis would not have been possible.

"Outstanding Service - We highly recommend Rachel's proofreading service. She helped us proof-read our website and the feedback we got certainly made our website looked more polished and professionally written. She is prompt and very thorough. We would certainly use her service again."

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