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The importance of a good CV

It doesn't matter how great you might be in an interview … you have to get there first. Whether it's a CV of your own design, or a standard application form on-line, you need to impress! Good grammar is a key part of that. Especially if English is not your native language. Read this testimonial from MP … a Russian national, who has been learning English for a few years. Her CV was in Russian and needed some work to make the translation read well.

"I started looking for a job in February 2019 and asked Rachel to help me to improve my CV. She gave me good advises how to present my skills and qualifications in better way. During next month I have had the interviews in two British companies for the roles which were relevant to my background. I have successfully passed both of the interviews and chosen the most interesting job what I am starting in April. I am very pleased I worked with Rachel and satisfied with her high standards and professional expertise."

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